Welcome to ICCAHE 2024

2024 International Conference on Civil Architecture and Hydraulic Engineering

Water conservancy and hydropower engineering
hydraulic pressure
Hydrology and Water Resources
Flood and Drought Management
Farmland water conservancy
Hydropower planning
Environmental Hydraulics
Hydraulic concrete structure
Water and electricity equipment
Water conservancy engineering construction
Hydropower development
Water resource planning and utilization
Water conservancy and hydropower calculation
Ports and waterways
Farmland irrigation
Building and building materials
Building Technology
Building Equipment Engineering
Building energy-saving technology
Ecological architecture
Traditional building materials
New building materials
Green building materials
civil engineering
Computational mechanics
building technology 
Structural engineering
Monitoring and control of structures
Structural repair and reinforcement
Reliability and Durability of Structures
Geotechnical engineering
Geoprofessions#Geological engineering
Tunnels, bridges, and subways
Earthquake engineering
Coastal engineering
Water supply and drainage engineering
Heating, gas supply, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering
Disaster prevention and reduction
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Important Dates | 重要日期
  • Submission Deadline: June 13, 2024
  • Registration Deadline: June 18, 2024
  • Conference Date: June 28, 2024
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
Submission Portal | 投稿方式

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